Friday, May 10, 2013

Russia Sells to Syria, HuffPosters Shoot the Messenger

Yesterday the Huffington Post covered some news. Guess which two words in this headline the Huffington Post readership immediately fixated on?

If the two words weren't "Israel warns" then obviously you aren't an experienced Huffington Post reader. Nothing else mattered to them as the thread pretty much immediately devolved into an anti-Israel hatefest as everyone directed their rage toward the messenger rather than the dictator and his Islamist enemies. More so then your average Huffington Post thread, I should say:

Just more criticism of Israel's policies. As I've said before, nothing puts the Huffington Posters into more of a rage than when Israel is daring not to be dead. But if that wasn't enough for you, the Huffington Posters decided to go a step further and rally about poor beleaguered Syria and its "right to defend itself." As I predicted, in the past week a lot of people who had a whole lot of nothing to say about the people dying in Syria were suddenly very "pro-Syrian indeed."

That "human rights" love is as selective as ever, I see.

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