Monday, May 20, 2013

Sarah Hindman on Sderot Trauma, HPers Sneer, Whine, Insult

Sarah Hindman touched the real third rail at the Huffington Post, humanizing Israelis, when she wrote a blog post about the trauma suffered by Israelis in Sderot because of the rocket attacks. The essay is short, about her experiences traveling from an Episcopal school to Sderot to work with little girls on the trauma of living with rocket attacks through "theater therapy." A quick read, but worth checking out.

Naturally, those HPers that bothered to show up to the thread immediately attacked Hindman and/or justified the rocket attacks using one method or another. Here's the comments:

If you're wondering where the "liberal progressive" concern for "human rights" and "international law" in this thread is, stop wondering. It's not here.

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