Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Most Epic Huffington Post Fail Yet (UPDATED)

Twelve hours ago, the Guardian said that Stephen Hawking (whom you know) was "boycotting" Israel when he decided not to go to an academic conference hosted by Shimon Peres. Two hours ago, the truth came out that he wasn't going, but not because of BDS but because his doctors told him not to fly. Two minutes ago, the Huffington Post published this headline:

Not only would this not be considered big news anywhere else except for the Huffington Post, but the Huffington Post editors have had more than enough time to change their major headline to what it actually said. But as we have commented many times in the past, they just love anything involving BDS and will publish anything that makes boycotting Israel look legitimate.

I can't wait to see what happens when they realize that they just dropped the ball in a big way. We'll let you know.

Update: Within five minutes the article disappeared from the "World" headline:

Only to reappear further down the page with what is now an ambiguous headline:

See, when the Huffington Post thinks that he is boycotting Israel, that gets a major headline and spun commentary. But when they learn that he is not boycotting Israel, the only thing that is reported is that he is not going. If people conclude that he is choosing to boycott Israel in stark contrast to the reality of the situation, then the Huffington Post has done their job. This is compounded by the fact that when you click on the story, the inside headline still stubbornly insists that Hawking is in fact boycotting:

How pathetic can the Huffington Post get at this point?

Update: After thirty minutes, the above headline still has not changed.

Update: After one hour the headline has still not changed and pro-BDS comments are rolling in anyway. Never let it be said that they let facts get in the way:

Update: Now it's back to claiming that he "joined the boycott" even though it is certainly not decided:

I would say that the Huffington Post should have learned a thing or two about jumping on what they want to believe is true, but I doubt that will happen.

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