Thursday, May 16, 2013

The "War" Two-Step

In the same vein as the peace two-step I remarked upon last year, the Huffington Posts have tried to hold contradictory views again in the recent "Nakba Day" thread. See, they would have us believe that the Israel is the principle obstacle to peace, but that the Palestinians are justified in refusing to make peace with them. Let me show you some examples.

First we have the first step. Israel doesn't want peace, Israel is the obstacle to peace:

I think one example is probably sufficient, seeing as how this is the most common argument that we see coming from the anti-Zionist camp. But here's the other step: The Arabs are justified in starting wars against Israel:

You may notice that all of the excuses the Huffington Posters provide for the 1948 war stick around today: That the Israelis are "Europeans," that they live in an "illegitimate entity" and that the Partition Plan was unfair to the Palestinians.

This is where the two-step comes into play: Okay, the Palestinians may be justified in attacking Israel because (just to pick one example) they are "Europeans" but if that's the case then settlements/occupation/land theft/Jerusalem/checkpoints are not the obstacles to peace. Nor is anything that Israel does the obstacle to peace because, as the anti-Zionist just admitted, the problem is who the Israelis are, not what they do.

It's easy for the Huffington Posters to sit at home in America and justify wars, no matter on which side of the Israeli/Palestinian divide they choose to place themselves. But if you are going to say that the Arabs were in the right to start a war, you still have to admit that they did in fact start a war.

It seems that the best way to respond to this dichotomy is to do what the Huffington Post pro-Israel people have been doing, which is to say "So you admit the Arabs don't want peace?" The anti-Zionist is forced to either say, "Yes the Arabs don't want peace because of ______" or say no they do and contradict what they just said. Either way, it demonstrates yet another logic hole in the pro-Palestinian/anti-Israel point of view.

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