Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Veteran's Today Writer Approved to Comment in HuffPost

Huffington Post blogger John Tirman wrote an article over the weekend that declared that, "The Death Spiral of US Influence in the Middle East" is here. He spoke of a great many things, including making a couple of jabs at "the Israel lobby" in standard Huffington Post form. But when he gets down to business is when he sounds a touch more reasonable:
"In this regard, the role that Israel plays in shaping U.S. priorities is crucial. Was the peace agreement between Israel and Egypt the highest priority of the post-Mubarak era for Washington, as it was before? Has it made all other matters, including human rights, an afterthought? Something roughly similar is imaginable with regard to Syria. As many strategists know, Israel has an interest in seeing a weak Assad prevail in Syria in "the devil you know" thinking. One hopes that Netanyahu is not imposing Israeli thinking on Obama, but it's just conceivable that he is."
So having primed his readership to blame "the lobby" for everything, that's exactly what they went ahead and did. The two of the favorited comments were written by Alan Sabrosky, Veteran's Today blogger, 9/11 conspiracy theorist, and all around Jew hater:

Key section: "My sense is that the Israeli hold on the US government is so strong, that is evidence appeared that Jewish settlers were boiling Palestinian babies for breakfast, the US government would solemnly affirm Israel's right to feed itself...." An anti-Semitic double whammy! Of course it was approved by the Huffington Post moderators.

Naturally the rest of the Huffington Post readership couldn't want to praise a man who clearly hates Israel and Jewish people as much as they do:

Yes, Alan, maybe if you had they would let you be a Huffington Post blogger. You seem to have the same kinds of views that MJ Rosenberg has, and he's been there for years.

But don't worry, because Sabrosky wasn't the only one slinging anti-Semitism in the comments section, with comments allowed to remain up for days at a time:

Always nice to see the true face of the Huffington Post every now and then.


  1. Disgusting. To show you how prejudiced the moderators actually are at HP I had tried to post a response in regards to an antiZionist who linked a couple of sites about "Jewish Only" Pools in West Bank. I did not attack anyone, no libels, no conspiracy theory's, or say anything remotely hateful about any group of people. I did link 4 links showing one extremely rich Palestinian living in a mansion with an indoor & outdoor pool (pictures) in Nablus (formerly Shechem- first capital of ancient Kingdom of Israel), & rest of links (with pictures) of public swimming pools for Palestinians throughout the Judea & Samaria. Guess what, It never went through. I would have a better chance at getting posts through at Electronic Intifada then H.P. The moderators are getting away with controlling the site like autocratically owned media site. Not only are they whitewashing away comments they don't want public to see, they are as you have demonstratively shown on your site accept vitriolic antiSemitic & antiSemitic conspiratorial comments on a daily basis. Not to mention the onslaught of ad hominem attacks on Jewish bloggers. It's turning into an off shoot of Stormfront. Arianna Huffington should be ashamed of what's going on. Major Organizations that care about balance need to start speaking out against H.P. on a regular basis until this problem is rectified. Or HP should just admit they are an antiSemitic, antiZionist site. Are some of these offices where moderators work located in Jordan, Egypt, Iraq or Pakistan? There's something very wrong which needs to be investigated. Hopefully someone is already looking into this problem more seriously.

  2. HuffingtonPost Commentators buttressed by moderators actions & inactions: Anti Israel, Anti Zionist, Anti Conservative (Republicans), Anti American Foreign Policy's (ZOG claims, & anti AID to Israel exclusively), Anti-Religious (for most part), Pro Palestinian-Pet favorite (Including Pro Hamas), Pro Iran theocracy, Pro Islam & at times Pro Islamists (where Israel is concerned), Anti AIPAC (Only Lobby who HP'ers want designated a foreign body), Anti Dual Citizenship for Jews esp in government positions, Pro Hate conspiracy theories against Israel & Jews. And in general Pro anything that is against Israel.& their supporters. That's a given. Did I leave anything out?

  3. Oh, forgot to mention HP being strongly Pro BDS, & engaging in Holocaust revisionism & false equivalency's, equating Israel with Apartheid South Africa, & Zionism with Nazi's. It's quite the objective, balanced, neutral social media news site, Arianna Huffington so vehemently lauds it to be (snark). LMAO. Especially when some of their bloggers use tags to Rense Veteran's Today, & Electronic Intifada. And their HPLive host ahmed shihab-eldin supporting antisemitic cartoonists, and obfuscating terrorism acts by Islamist groups with being no different then Israel or American military retaliatory measures. Yup, It's one mega loci for antisemites & antiIsrael loyalists. So no surprise Sabrosky, who believes the Mossad was behind 911, is being welcomed as a great hero.


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