Thursday, May 16, 2013

Your Morning Bias

Check out an article the Huffington Post published yesterday, all original:

As usual, the Huffington Post refuses to publish pictures of Israelis when Palestinians are killing them but are happy to publish pictures of a dirty homeless man. Isn't that typical. Anyway, the headline is super spun thanks in part to Ha'aretz, who did half of the Huffington Post's job for them. The truth is that Israel has the highest relative poverty rate among the OECD. If this seems like a distinction without a difference, the OECD does not include everyone, and the measurement is also by what Israel considers to be the poverty rate is quite different from the international one. Internationally Israel is not anywhere near the highest.

But leave it to the Huffington Post to go for the sensationalist headline first.

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  1. Read the HP article, then the comments, and had the following thoughts:
    *The pro-Israel HP contingent had a strong counter-argument to the pro-BDS assholes and made it pretty well. Amongst other things, the pro-BDSers got pissed off when it was pointed out that the stats involved nations (including Israel) who were much stronger economically than their pet Irans and Syrias and so forth (and the BDSers got SUPER-pissed when it was pointed out that the OECD listed another of their beloved anti-Israel states, Turkey, as even more unequal than Israel). They also nicely shot down the idea that U.S. military aid has any connection to Israel's social economy, shocking at least one BDSer who was politely informed that U.S. economic aid to Israel ended many years ago because Israel no longer needed it. And they made the salient point about how poverty in Israel is rooted largely in huge families of ultra-Orthodox Jews (who refuse to work) and Israeli Arabs (who unfortunately, and mostly, not capable of working well).
    *You should keep on eye on the latest pro-BSDer HP idiot, "Jameson Chaney". This schmuck howled that half of the top officials during President George W. Bush's two terms were dual citizens (oddly, he didn't say which two states, lol). Anyone this bigoted and stupid should get a nice spotlight.
    *The HP regulars never wanted Israel to be invited into the OECD at all, and the organization was savagely lambasted for doing so. I suppose it only takes a report that's more up their alley (not that Israel's poverty issues are minor) to become the Word and the Truth.
    *My only regret about the HP BDSer brigade is that the Internet wasn't around when Israel was a failed socialist economy with little relatively poverty because everyone there was lower-middle class at best. Might have been fun to see them exclaim how an Israel that failed at socialism clearly should return to it having failed at capitalism.
    As usual, the HP has little advice to Israel worth listening to.


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