Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ademola Adewale-Sadik Complains About The Truth

J.D. student at Yale Ademola Adewale-Sadik wrote an article that was featured in the Huffington Post's "World" section on Friday in reaction to the recent attacks by Islamists in France and England. By Huffington Post standards, his article was pretty reasonable. He explained that radical Islam was the reason why these men did what they did. It wasn't because of bombings or foreign occupations:
"The overwhelming majority of civilian deaths in the South Asian and Middle Eastern countries to which the alleged murderer was almost certainly referring come courtesy of the Taliban and other Islamic extremist groups, not British or American soldiers....the only British or American troops in Nigeria are the guards inside the British High Commission and the American Embassy. Terrorist group Boko Haram recruits and operates solely in the Muslim northern half of Nigeria."
So what is his problem them, you ask? Well, it's the the media committed the horrible crime of describing who the perpetrators were:
"In the aftermath of this tragedy, media reports have prominently highlighted the Nigerian heritage of the perpetrators. Articles from the BBC, the Telegraph, and the Guardian have discussed their roots at length, and CNN referred to one of the suspects as a "British national of Nigerian descent."" 
He then proceeds to complain about other instances in which people's background have not been reported on, most notable when a British person who is white commits any kind of crime. On the other hand, he also complains that Nigerian Americans are just referred to as "Americans" on their Wikipedia pages, which sort of makes me wonder whether he would want the Nigerian side of things to be brought up all the time or none of the time.

So I actually agree with him: it's definitely a sad thing that the media has such significant double standards. But when you are a minority, and one of your minorities commit a crime, it's going to be mentioned simply because people assume that when you say "a British person" you are talking about a white one. Jews are still getting flack for Bernie Madoff and it wasn't even widely reported that he was a Jew.

I'm not sure what Ademola would prefer: for the media to just not report aspects of the crime that he doesn't consider to be relevant? He admits himself that there is a terrorist group operating in Nigeria, even though these particular terrorists were radicalized at home. Heck, the media didn't even want to admit that the perpetrators were Muslims even though they were screaming "Allahu Akhbar" while they were committing the dirty deed.

Where does this political correctness end? Would it be better for the media simply to say "two men killed another man today" and leave it alone? How does keeping people in the dark about terrorism that is happening in their neighborhoods, where they live, supposed to improve the situation? Would Ademola rather people just not what happened so that he doesn't get offended?

Fortunately the readership wasn't particularly impressed. They agreed that focusing on Nigeria was stupid, as the problem remains radical Islam, but that it isn't worth kicking up a fuss.

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