Thursday, June 6, 2013

Alan Dershowitz Stands With Obama, HPers Hate

As you have probably heard, President Obama nominated Samantha Power to be America's next ambassador to the United Nations. Samantha Power is rather infamous in pro-Israel circles for saying that America might have to invade Israel to protect the Palestinians, which you would think is enough to make the Huffington Posters like her. After all, they want to attack Israel as well.

But there's only one little problem. The only thing on this Earth that the Huffington Post readership hates more than Israel is Alan Dershowitz, and he just wrote a column praising Samantha Power! Dershowitz declares that she will "wow them" at the United Nations, and that:
"Yes, she is an interventionist when it comes to preventing genocide. But she also cautions prudence in intervening for reasons other than the protection of endangered civilians. To be sure, Samantha has said some things she now regrets -- about Hillary Clinton, about Israel and about other controversial matters. She says what she thinks when she thinks it. As the United States representative to the United Nations, she will articulate the policy of the Obama administration. She will have to be more diplomatic than she was while in private life. I am confident that she will make our country proud."
Naturally this will probably not endear him with the "pro-Israel establishment" but regardless the facts are in. Samantha Power, President Obama, and Alan Dershowitz are on one side. Which side do you think the Huffington Posters will choose?

Obviously, they will side against their beloved Obama. Because they hate Alan Dershowitz just that much.

Always interesting the kind of values the Huffington Post readership has. Or in this particular case, lack of values.

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