Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Another Nazi-Baiting Huffington Post Blogger

In the aforementioned Netanyahu security thread (which the Huffington Post covered with its usual bias) a Huffington Post blogger named Ronald B. Robinson thought that he would toss in his two cents and in the process show us some of his anti-Semitism.

As usual, I find it difficult to believe that Robinson is a mere "critic" of Israel's "policies" when he uses Nazi-tinged terminology like "just following orders." Pretty clearly he has something against Jewish people, or else he would stick to the story.

But I wouldn't be too concerned about my position on the Huffington Post if I were Robinson. Support for Jew baiting is pretty common there and bloggers have "agreed" that Israel controls America, defended anti-Semitism, spread the myth of the Zionist Occupied Government, and accusing other readers of being Nazis. So it's pretty clear that Robinson's point of view toward Jewish people are very welcome at the Huffington Post.

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