Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Biased Coverage of the Day

Ready for today's "Die Israel Die" article? Check out the outside headline:

And the inside:

If you read the caption on the picture you will see that these people are supposedly celebrating a wedding, but I gotta say they don't look so happy about it. Maybe the Huffington Post chose the picture because they needed to get their Distressed Palestinian Picture Count higher.

And the thing is that this is not news. After a series of attacks (buried in the article):
"In 2002, a Palestinian spouse of an Israeli killed 15 people in a suicide bombing in the Israeli city of Haifa. In another case, a Palestinian spouse drove a suicide bomber who killed seven people riding a Jerusalem bus."
Israel decided that it is ridiculous to allow enemy citizens to be allowed to waltz right into their country under the guise of "love." Naturally the Huffington Post saw the opportunity to slam Israel for doing what literally any other nation would do in the same circumstances, depicting the tension as "Israel vs love." I wonder when we will ever see such sympathy for Israeli spouses killed by Palestinians.

The AP article contains its own series of missteps:
"The problem is – many Israeli Arabs, who are ethnically Palestinians, want to marry Palestinians from the West Bank or Gaza Strip. But relations between the Palestinian territories and Israel are testy at best and violent at worst, resulting in limits that even love can't overcome."
"Palestinian" is not an ethnicity, AP. If Israeli Arabs choose to identify themselves as members of an enemy nation, that is pretty telling I think. And naturally Israel's point of view is buried deep in the article and contrasted with opinions of Palestinian lawyers whining for their "right" to move into Israel whenever they want to.

As if this wasn't enough, the Huffignton Post thought they would throw in some biased links like from Electronic Intifada, 972 and B'tselem:

So much for just reporting the news, huh? Expect a lot of faux outrage for this one. I mean, more so then usual.

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