Monday, June 10, 2013

Engineered Hate of the Day

Hey, it's a slow day on the Huffington Post! What shall we write about? Hey, I know, let's take a statement by Netanyahu, take it out of context, and publish it as a news story? And include a pictuer of him looking dour! Too bad we don't do that about literally any other politician, but we'll get the readership into a froth! What a brilliant idea! And so that is exactly what happened:

So naturally the Huffington Post readership flew into a rage, even though this statement wasn't that absurd (at last not by world leaders' standards). Among the top favorited comments included the classic "Jewish lobby" including a Nazi-tinged comment that receive 11 favorites:

 Blaming Israel for the violence in Syria:

Blaming Israel for the wiretapping scandal:

 Calls for Israel's annihilation:

And of course blatant Jew-baiting:

All, of course, Huffington Post approved.

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