Thursday, June 13, 2013

HP Bias: Dishonest Headline on Marriage

The Huffington Post waited until late in the afternoon last night to roll out their latest biased headline against Israel, and this one is a doozy:

If you were the average person and believed what you read in this headline, you would think that non-Jews cannot get married in Israel. Period. There is nothing else you could think from this headline.

Let's check out this inside headline, which usually clarifies and tries to make up for the bias of the outer headline:

Nope, no better.

The truth, of course, is that non-Jews can marry non-Jews freely in Israel. They are not "blocked from wedding" or "denied the right to wed". The shred of truth the headline is based on is that Jews cannot marry non-Jews in Israel because of the Orthodox rules set for marriages there, which is a problem and should be changed, but is not even close to saying non-Jews cannot get married and denied their "right to wed."  There is no reason why such a misleading headline would be allowed to be published on the Huffington Post unless someone somewhere along the line has a mad on for Israel and is out to slander it in any way possible.

Leaving aside the fact that the headline is criminally dishonest, this story isn't news. These marriage laws have been in existence for decades. Why write an article about it now? Is there not enough other stuff to bash Israel for?

Here's a quote from the article that pretty much encapsulates all the "thinking" that went into it:

"And since there is no civil marriage in Israel, anyone who is not Jewish cannot marry another Jew in Israel."

There aren't too many comments so far and most of the top favorited are calling out the headline for bias, but we'll keep an eye on it.

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