Thursday, June 6, 2013

HP Bias: Editorializing Arrest

Well, the unthinkable occurred. The Huffington Post actually covered the news that it's Tel Aviv's Pride Week this week. But why cover that news objectively and without bias when it could skew it somehow? Here's the HP headline:

Let me ask you something, dear reader. What on Earth can make an arrest "grisly"? I guess maybe if the person being arrested was killed in some gruesome way, but the actual article indicates nothing of the sort. Here's the inside (more objective) headline:

Go ahead and read the article. See if you find anything that would warrant the adjective of "grisly" being attached to it. The Huffington Post can't be bothered to publish news about the Tel Aviv Pride Week unless it can somehow bring something extremely negative into the story as well. Pretty pathetic.

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