Friday, June 7, 2013

HP Coverage of Judge Story Includes Bias

The Huffington Post finally got around to covering a story about an old politician saying something moronic about women. No, it wasn't in America for a change, this time it was in Israel! And so the editors got together and asked each other, "what is the most Israeli picture we can possibly get?" Oh boy, did they succeed:

How Israeli can you get? Fortunately the comments were not as tinged with hate as you might expect, but there was still plenty of it:

Gotta love that Huffington Post approved racism.

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  1. I have a little anecdote to add. Following JessWonderin's comment shown above, I wrote a comment asking whether people would have been comfortable with that comment if the judge had been black, and JessWonderin had referenced black slaves in plantations rather than Jews on trains.
    In a delightfully ironic twist, people had apparently flagged my comment as abusive, prompting HuffPost to remove it. It appears that the very mention of black people and plantations, even by way of analogy explaining why JessWonderin's message was offensive, is considered offensive to an extent that merits removal. Jews and trains - not so much.


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