Tuesday, June 11, 2013

HPW User Profile: "dambustr"

Relatively new HP user "dambuster" is typical for the Huffington Post, he'll pretend to "merely" criticize Israel's policies for a while, but it doesn't take much for him to switch into full on Jew hate mode, calling for ethnic cleansing, the destruction of Israel, and of course that there is no such thing as a Jew. Here's some comments:

“there is no 'isrl' - and therefore no 'isrli' shipping.... boring...but I have to expose your lies and propaganda...”

“"judea and samria": besides being delusional big time u are one of the funniest personas I have ever ran into....keep feeding yourself with these myths from a mythical and doctored torah...of a mythical and non-existing jewish history. U want evidence: read The Bible Unearthed by Israel Finkelstein and Neil Silverman...they dug up all of Palestine for thirty years and never found one trace of your mythical jewish history.”

“Thou above the racial divide and committed to humanity above all else, I it is a fact that Arabs are the only genuine semites remaining; save for Arab jews, all other "jews" are descendants of eastern European Judaized Khazare tribes - just look at the extreme racial variety of "jews" in occupied Arab historic Palestine. That there are jews who belong to a faith called Judaism is a fact much the same as there are Muslim and Christians as members of faiths but not of the same race.  "

“"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the US." What is the matter with u - are anti-Semitic???? !!!
if not u will be charged with that crime soon !!!!!!!!”


All Americans should look at the website "If Americans Knew" to get an idea of how Zionists/isrlis have abused America in every way and continue. They use America as their beast of burden to do all the heavy lifting. 

T'is time to shake off this bondage.”

“U also are right: it is always the victimized helpless Palestinians that are at fault.....just for asking for the return of their homeland back ...and u alien colonial settlers go back to Poland and Russia....and Ethiopia too. ”

“True...AIAPC is a case in point of isrli control of Congress.”

What a stalwart member of the HP community.

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