Friday, June 14, 2013

HPW User Profile: FredIsHereNow

In just about every anti-Zionist/anti-Semite user that we profile, it is pretty common to find Huffington Post approved insults directed at people who disagree with them. It's a pretty standard part of any website that users aren't allowed to attack each other too strongly, but as we have also learned that goes out the window if you agree with the editorial about about the correct issues. Hence why calling Obama a Nazi will get your comment deleted but calling McCain a Nazi will get it twenty favorites.

Anyway, this guy "FredIsHereNow" has set the standard for what you can get away with. His anti-Israel comments are all pretty boilerplate and generic, indicating a background in left-wing indoctrination. It's really the insults that he makes toward other users, all approved by the Huffington Post, that made him worthy of being included here.

“South Africa's apartheid is nothing compared to what these Na-zis do Palestinians.”

“Define apartheid? systematic discrimination based on race/ethnicity/religion. All being done to Palestinians by the illegal apartheid state of Israel.
Got it dumbf*ck?”

“I agree with you Israel has become an incredibly vile ultra violent society that lacks basic human decency. Israel is on downward spiral to becoming a total Na-zi state.”

“You should save your perpetual victim mentality for Opera.”

“America is a failed state. Europeans have moral duty to stick it to America as hard as they can. The expiry date for this violent empire is very due.”

“It's Muslim not Moslem. You're an idiot.”

“Mazel Tov! Please come to America and stay away that racist cesspool.”

“Up your meds you need it daahlin'”

“Justifying apartheid huh? your ilk (the racist bigots) brought the same arguments when black kids were being discriminating against in the south.
You're abhorrent!”

“Racist societies tend to think and behave like that.”

“More lies by Charles the do-che.”

“Islamophobic racist thugs are getting very defensive these days.”

“You're a psychopath just like those criminal settlers.”

“Israel is the only apartheid left in the civilized world. It's the prime time for crippling boycott of this disgusting state, very much like what we did to South Africa, to bring down this nefarious anti humanity illegal regime.”

“As part of war crimes by masterminded and executed by IDF, 400 Palestinians were brutally killed in Gaza in 2006.
Sarah [a Huffington Post blogger] of course couldn't give a rat's posterior about Palestinian children.”

“As opposed to wonderful thieves and rapists known as Israeli settlers?

You're a pathetic fool.”

And that's just a sample from his first 200 comments or so.

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