Monday, June 10, 2013

Huffington Post Can't Get Wall Story Right

Matt and I have commented many times how the Huffington Post can't get enough of the "Women of the Wall" issue. They have reported about it many times, often getting the story wrong, and including blog posts to makes sure you can't escape it. But the latest story was the most egregious misreporting yet:

Really, Huffington Post, really? How many times do you have to report the same story before you get it right? Women praying is not actually shocking at all. You know that. There's no way you couldn't know it. You just wanted to get a sarcastic headline to take shots at your perceived enemies: religious people and Israelis.

So naturally the Huffington Post readership thought the controversy was about women praying, period, not women praying with the various materials in question:

For a comparison, here is the way that the Times of Israel covered the same story:

I guess when the Huffington Post realized that the story isn't that interesting, they decided to spin it into something that would make the Israelis look as negative as possible. That's some typical Huffington Post bias for you.

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