Tuesday, June 25, 2013

HuffPost Bias Produces Opposite Effect

In a classic example of "you can't fool all the people all the time" the Huffington Post "World" section gave us a biased-as-hell headline and picture yesterday:

This was followed by an even more biased use of "pound." And notice how the first paragraph in the article itself, later revealed to be the whole first half, has nothing to do with the actual subject:

But the thing is: there are only so many times that you can tell the Huffington Post readership that Israel has hit Gaza for no (apparent) reason before they start to question you and start thinking for themselves. That is exactly what happened this time: they read the story and found something that the Huffington Post editors would rather they not find (emphasis mine):
"Israeli aircraft pounded targets in Gaza early Monday after Palestinian militants fired rockets at Israel from the territory, the military said, unsettling a tenuous cease-fire between Israel and Hamas. No injuries were reported on either side."
Practically all of the top favorited comments were calling out the Huffington Post for this bias, it was amazing:

Of course there were trolls nipping at their heels, preaching genocide and dehumanization:

All Huffington Post approved, naturally.

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