Thursday, June 20, 2013

HuffPost Churns Out Engineered Hatred

Check out the biased headline and picture that was given top coverage in today's Huffington Post "World" section:

As usual, anything the UN says against Israel is given top billing on the Huffintgon Post. Who cares that a hundred people a day are dying in Syria or that protests are raging all over the world? We have a picture of a (very well fed looking) Palestinian girl looking sad to shill! This bias continues into the inside headline:

Of course, this isn't the UN speaking about it but a "UN committee" that did no actual work on the ground, merely repeating what NGOs and the Palestinians tell them. I like how the Huffington Post managed to work in a "Nakba" reference in the caption though.

The report itself is full of biased remarks, such as that the occupation itself is "illegal" and that the use of children as human shields is "continuous." Their evidence? 14 alleged cases over a three year period.

Anyway, the hate disguised as "criticism" is sure to be rolling in so we will keep you updated.

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