Wednesday, June 5, 2013

HuffPost Finally Covers Mass Grave Story, Brings Bias

There was a story a week ago or so that a mass grave was uncovered in Jaffa, Israel. The Huffington Post naturally brought biased coverage:

This actually contradicts the inside headline, which as you can see the Huffington Post did not spare any internet ink to cover:

So are they from the 1948 Arab-Israeli War or do they predate the 1948 Arab-Israeli War? If you don't think that it matters, let me remind you that before 1948 there was another military in the area, the British one, who killed a lot more Arabs than the Yishuv ever did.

Naturally this story is covered by Kavitha A. Davison in Huffington Post original reporting, because it's not like anything else important is going on today. Anyway, the article is filled with examples of subtle bias like:
"Though Eghbariyeh is reluctant to offer a definitive explanation for the origin of the remains, older residents of the neighborhood believe that the bodies belong to victims of the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, AFP reports. Jaffa had been a Palestinian town at the onset of the fighting, when thousands of residents fled the city amid the violence."
In 1948, Jaffa was an Arab town, not a Palestinian town. Better get the rewriting of history started as soon as possible, right? But more to the point, since when do we publish peoples' opinions as facts? Which older residents say that it is from the 1948 Arab-Israeli War and what evidence can they point to that would justify that conclusion?

If you think that I am just being petty, let me remind you that before 1948 the British were the ones in control of everything and they killed more Arabs than the Jews ever did. If Israel did kill these people they should take responsibility, but until then I see no reason to blame them for what they haven't been prove to have done. Just like the Huffington Post readership refused to admit that the Itamar Massacre could have been committed by Palestinians.

So far the comments aren't too bad but we'll let you know.

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