Friday, June 21, 2013

HuffPost Whines about Hate Crimes...In Israel

As one hundred people a day die in Syria, the Huffington Post has called up Ron Kronish to complain about racism in Israel. From reading the Huffington Post you could think that racism and hate crimes only ever happen in Israel, which I'm sure is exactly their goal. The only kind of hate crimes that can happen in America, are on the other hand, are Islamophobic ones

I can't give too much grief to Kronish, because he's part of an organizing doing good work against the "price tags" in Israel. Of course you aren't going to find many Muslims in the Huffington Post religion section saying that rock throwing at Israeli civilians is wrong, and that's just a mild offense committed by Palestinians. Let me just let him speak for a bit at this conclusion:
"But beyond all these excuses, I feel that the problem is deeper. It is a religious problem, at base. The Jewish mainstream here (and abroad) does not seem to care enough about this. They are not enraged, as they should be. They are not shouting from the rooftops that this is not Judaism, that these racist acts are a distortion of basic Jewish values, which view every human being as created in the image of God, that this new form of xenophobia should be completely unacceptable in the Jewish state! 
"Our new coalition called Tag Meir (The Tag of Light) not only denounces these incidents in no uncertain terms but attempts to show empathy and solidarity with members of other religions in Israel who have been hurt by these attacks. We want them -- and you, our readers -- to know that mainstream Judaism does not support this, that these are acts of extremists who are far beyond the Jewish consensus and that Judaism is a religion that preaches and teaches love and respect for all human beings. 
"This is why we were in Abu Gosh yesterday. As representatives of sanity in a sometimes insane environment, we, as members of Tag Meir, will be there again if and when members of extreme religious groups in Israel, under the name of Tag Mechir, seek to present Judaism in a distorted image by desecrating the name of God via such unholy acts."
Isn't it refreshing to see criticism unsullied by deflections, excuses, finger pointing or "most of us don't agree with it?" Now if we can only see this kind of thing for all nations and religions, I would believe that the Huffington Post doesn't have an agenda behind it.

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  1. How refreshing. Jewish voices condemning hated when all of us are still waiting for loud voices from Christians and Muslims to condemn terrorism. Perhaps it is true-that the Jewish people are the light unto the nations.
    The last thing that we want is to become like our tormentors.DWB


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