Wednesday, June 26, 2013

James Zogby's Latest Whiny Article Fails to Convince

Anti-Israel propagandist James Zogby came back to the Huffington Post a few days ago to basically blame Israel prematurely for the inevitable failure of peace talks facilitated by John Kerry. Before we get into anything too specific, here is everything he has to say about the Palestinians, Israel's supposed "partner for peace:"
"While the Palestinian side remains in some disarray (more on that later)...As I have already noted, problems abound on the Palestinian side. But it must be noted that their fractured polity and other dysfunctions are a function of living for more than four decades as a captive people under occupation."
So yes, the Palestinians have "problems," but they are never specified and besides everything is Israel's fault. Truly, this is the kind of honesty and balance that we have come to expect from the Huffington Post blogger stable.

Zogby spends most of the article bashing Netanyahu and other members of the Israeli government, while simultaneously claiming that anything Netanyahu does is against the two state solution. This kind of behavior, you would think, would be welcomed on the Huffington Post. Except that Zogby, like many anti-Israel propagandists, decides to go one step too far and start issuing preconditions of his own:
"What is required for there to be a peace agreement is not that the Palestinians first perfect their state. What must come first is an Israeli withdrawal from the occupied territories. Security arrangements will, of necessity, accompany such a withdrawal, but these will require international peacekeeping forces -- something the Israelis have always rejected. Peace will also require an international effort at investment, reconstruction, and resettlement, and support for institution-building. All of this will take time and significant effort."
So before the Palestinians do anything, Israel must not only put millions of people into rocket range, but must also give the Palestinians money and resources. Oh, and there must be also be international peacekeepers above Israel's wishes. This is a classic case of the strength two-step: Zogby wants us to feel bad for the Palestinians and cut them some slack because they are a 'captive people under occupation.' Okay, I'll cut them some slack. No problem. But then Zogby also expects the whole wide world including Israel to do whatever the Palestinians say just because in his opinion it is "necessary." Unfortunately, Israel doesn't think it is necessary and since Israel has the guns and the tanks and the planes, their opinion matters more than yours.

And if you think that sounds too harsh, almost all of the top favorited comments slammed Zogby for his one sided views. Even readers who are not part of the usual pro-Israel crowd jumped in to ask why Palestinians are exempt from recognize Israel's right to exist:

Sure the haters were around too, but it's good to see that even the Huffington Post readership has limits to how much Arab propaganda they can swallow.

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