Wednesday, June 5, 2013

MJ Rosenberg Lie of the Day

Our old buddy MJ Rosenberg has been away from the Huffington Post for a while, but returned today with another one of his boring op eds trying to predict the future vis a vis Israel, Iran and the US. No one really cares anymore and the op ed says nothing new, so I'm not going to fisk it, but here's a lie that Rosenberg posted in the comments section that should be highlighted:

It's a classic Palsbara talking point to use ambiguous terminology to spread lies, in this case the use of the word "control".

Rosenberg claims Israel "controls" Gaza, which for any rational person would be considered a lie, but it's ambiguous enough that Rosenberg or one of his apologists could try to make the case that it is.

Ditto with what "historic Palestine" is. The Roman province of Syria Paelestina included parts of Jordan, which Israel does not control. The British Mandate of Palestine also (for a while) included Jordan, which Israel does not control. So whatever "historic Palestine" means for MJ Rosenberg, it has no actual basis in real history.

But what do you expect from an unemployed propagandist? The whole truth and nothing but the truth?

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