Sunday, June 9, 2013

Naive Jewish Girl Given HuffPost Column

We've commented in the past how the Huffington Post will give literally anyone, no matter how ill equipped or ill informed, a column in their paper as long as that person is anti-Israel. This week's useful idiot is Jessie Kahnweiler, who worked in the entertainment industry before going out in search of her "Jewish identity." And guess what she ended up doing in the process? If you didn't say "becoming anti-Israel" then obviously you haven't been reading the Huffington Post for long enough.

Her column begins with a staged scene of her throwing up in front of a camera supposedly after inhaling some tear gas, then gets right into the drama:
"I came to Israel to find my Jewish identity, so what was I, a nice Jewish girl from Atlanta, running around in a polka dot dress on the Palestinian side of the West Bank choking on tear gas for? This wasn't exactly the kosher "Eat Pray Love" journey I had anticipated. After two weeks in Israel, I was starving, single and, as the tear gas bombs started up again, apparently farther from God than ever before."
Jessie makes a critical mistake in this column which is assuming that one single solitary person gives a shit about her search for her Jewish identity. Either on the Huffington Post or anyone else. I wish that she was the first moronic American Jew to go running around the West Bank helping the Palestinians "protest" but she isn't, not by a long shot. And with each successive year these useful idiots become more and more annoying. At least they don't usually have the ego, smugness, and religious tent that Jessie does.

But let's let her continue. After talking about interviewing rabbis (nobody cares) and that she started a web series about her search (nobody cares either) she explains that she went to Israel to film some stuff about the Western Wall.
"And so when I awoke one sweaty Tel Aviv night with the idea to film a scene where my character winds up at the West Bank Wall instead of the Western Wall I knew it wasn't me doing all the thinking....."Yala! Come to this bush for safety!" Mohammad, one of the local Palestinian boys who accompanied us, shouted as he brought me into the modest shade. I collapsed on the dirt as he calmly doused me with water. His body seemed so used to the gas -- like, way too used to it. As the bombs ceased, I felt relief longing for the crew van and the Popsicle that awaited me in the cooler. The crew and I began to walk toward the car as Tali, my Israeli activist guide, called out to me, "So, ya wanna get a closer look at the wall?" I shook my head, "No," only to immediately follow her toward the border. I was shaking all over as she grabbed my hand assuring me I probably wasn't going to die."
The phrase "activist tourism" springs to mind. It's pretty amazing (not to mention insulting) that Jessie sees a decades-long conflict that has claimed the lives of thousands of people only serves as a backdrop for her personal journey of growth. She is even worse than a BDSer: they may see the Palestinians solely as cardboard cutouts in their personal stage play, but at least they pretend to actually give a damn about them. Jessie can't even be bothered doing this. It's all about her, from beginning to end. This is reinforced in the following tale:
"As we approached the sterile wall covered in barbed wire, I found myself weirdly at ease, like the summer before when a typhoon almost swallowed me whole, as chaos gave way to a poignant peace. We began to film as I asked the IDF soldiers which was the closest way to God, pretending like I was in fact at the Western Wall. Confused, they began to yell as their guns pointed straight at my unibrow. I just kept talking -- even louder. In that moment, I actually started to think about God: If he could see me now, would he be proud? Or embarrassed, like a teenage girl whose dad tells dirty jokes during carpool? We got the shots for the scene and ran to safety as Tali exclaimed, "Wow, either you're a total genius or a complete fool." God only knows..."
Here's the shorter version: She yelled at some soldiers in a language they didn't understand to get some footage for her movie and to try and be funny, they got spooked, she yelled at them some more, then ran away. Now that this clearly harrowing ordeal is behind her, Jessie thinks that she is a badass and some kind of superior Jew. Don't take my word for it, ask her:
"My Jewish identity is not defined by what I don't eat or what prayers I know, but by the acknowledgement of that inner spark buried deep below my ego. My life is a humble attempt to turn that spark into a blazing fire."
Barf. You know it's one thing for Jessie to have her "spiritual awakening" or whatever, it's another thing for her to play with other peoples' lives while she does it. And to put it up where none of us want to read about it. In that sense, it's a classic Huffington Post article.

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  1. Well freakin' done, guys. This should be posted on other sites. I will do my part.
    Note, also, that a useful idiot like this gets a prime spot to vent her hatred of Israel - yet Mitchell Bard gets relegated to the nosebleed section because, well, he doesn't slam Israel.
    Just another day in the life of incitement against Israel.
    - HuffWatcher


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