Friday, June 7, 2013

Narkis Alon Calls for Dialogue, HPers Hate

Narkis Alon, Israeli "entrepreneur", wrote an essay that the Huffington Post published about a conference he attended in Jordan. He talked about meeting people from many different countries, and how they treated him differently even though he had never met them before. He discussed "the conflict" with the people there, and encouraged them and his readers to "question the narratives" that they have been taught. Here's his final paragraph:
"Questioning your narrative is not a weakness. It can come from a place of strength.  I wish some politicians in our region would do so more often. I wish leaders in this region would meet each other with a question mark instead of an exclamation point. I wish that they would respect the fact that we are all here, and we can learn to live here together.  Then, maybe their conversations with each other will look totally different, and have meaningful results. "
Difficult to argue with that point of view, right? That we should all have a dialogue and respect each other?

Well, the HPers came out in force to take this hatred Israeli down, racing to prove that they could be more Palestinian than the Palestinians and that peace is the last thing any of them want. Here are some comments:

Sorry, Narkis. If you're looking for dialogue, you came to the wrong place.

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