Tuesday, June 18, 2013

News the HP Doesn't Cover: New Polish Party Spreads Anti-Semitism

This story isn't exactly new, but I wanted to give the Huffington Post a fair shake at covering it. They of course did not. 
JTA — A Polish court said there are no grounds for removing an anti-Semitic party from the party register because prosecutors have not sought such a decision.Polskie Radio on June 13 quoted Maja Smoderek, a spokeswoman for Warsaw’s district court, as saying that the Together Party of the Slavonic Empire, which registered with the court in March, could not be removed from the list because “no prosecutor has lodged a complaint about the party.”Since its registration, the party has been increasingly forthright in its anti-Semitic rhetoric, Polskie Radio reported.“We know who runs Poland … it’s run by Jews, and particularly bad Jews,” Party leader Jan Kielb said recently in an interview with Rzeczpospolita daily.Kielb’s party has no seats in parliament. It presented the 1,000 signatures and party statute required to register. Its charter speaks of the importance of “the Pole of true Slavonic blood.”
But remember, anti-Semitism doesn't exist anymore, it's just used by Zionists to stifle dissent.

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