Monday, June 3, 2013

Non-Story About Israeli Amusement Park Generates Hundreds of Comments, Hatred

The Huffington Post was, as far as I could tell, the only major news organization to elevate and highlight an AP story about an Israeli amusement park called Superland denying accusations of racism. Why did these accusations come up? Well, "reports emerged this week that it [Superland] designated separate visiting times for groups of Jewish and Arab children." I for one can imagine why an amusement park would have different groups of schoolchildren there at different times, (perhaps because the park isn't big enough to handle tons of schoolchildren all at the same time), but because it's Israel, the conclusion is obviously racism and the Huffington Post couldn't wait to cover it.

I haven't been through all 600+ comments that were posted on this non-story, but about half of the top comments were hating on Israel in general, so I grabbed them. Take a look:

The irony of these posters either not caring about or actively support the apartheid present in Muslim states including Palestine is apparently lost on them as they scream hatred towards Israel. 

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