Sunday, June 30, 2013

Peacemaking Roundup

On Friday the Huffington Post covered the quixotic quest of John Kerry to restart negotiations between Israel and the PA. No one expected much to come from it, while the anti-Zionist crowd thought that they would share some of their anti-Semitism:

Elsewhere, the Huffington Post covered a story that a majority of Israelis support peace talks right now! Of course, no poll of the "peaceful" Palestinians was conducted, and many Huffington Post haters latched onto a part of the article that said 70% of Israelis were against one-sided peace "gestures" that don't give them anything in return. It's always funny to watch their heads spin when presented with evidence that Israelis aren't as evil as they thought. What is less funny is Nazi baiting and Holocaust denial, which also turned up with full Huffington Post moderator approval:

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