Friday, June 21, 2013

Western Wall Shooting: Huffington Post Brings the Spin (And Hate)

So here's a story that happened last night: At the Western Wall, a frequent target of terrorist attacks, a Jewish man who probably had some kind of mental illness screamed "Allahu Akhbar" at a checkpoint and reached into his pocket. Thinking that he was probably a terrorist, based on the last few hundred times such a sequence of events occurred, a security guard shot him. Here's how the Huffington Post spun the story:

The two most stereotypical images in Israel ever, and of course no humanizing of the victim or anyone involved. We can't have Israeli Jews being remembered can we? Of course the inside headline was not much better, and check out the whole article while comparing it to the Jerusalem Post coverage above:

So here's everything the Huffington Post's version let out.

1) That the Israeli man who was killed was a Jew.
2) That he was reaching into his pocket for an object as well as shouting "Allahu Akhbar."
3) The shooting happened at the entrance to the Western Wall, not in the bathroom as this implies.
4) That Palestinian militants have a long history of shouting that phrase before detonating a suicide vest. The way the article makes it sound like Israeli security guards will kill anyone who says something Islamic.

So, having been primed to spew hatred toward Israel, that's exactly what the readership did with full Huffington Post moderator approval:

The Huffington Post doesn't mind casual racism as long as it's directed against Israelis. And when the readership doesn't bring enough of it, they publish half written articles to ensure they do.

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