Friday, July 19, 2013

A Small Insight Into the Huffington Post

We've had a lot of small insights lately, I know, but trust me this is a good one. Check out this recent blog post:

The column is what you would expect from the title:
"It is the timid behavior of the mainstream American Jewish community that is allowing this to happen. With a few exceptions, community leaders and organizations have not publicly supported Kerry's efforts; they have not condemned the expansion of settlements or the soft treatment of settlers' violence against Palestinians; they have not called on Netanyahu to repudiate statements by his own ministers that undermine the two-state solution. American Jews can no longer be the silent majority."
It isn't an unreasonable point of view, but as always it is what isn't said that speaks volumes.

The Huffington Post will never publish an article that says the silent majority of "pro-Palestinian supporters" must speak up for peace. They will never ask the mainstream Arab-American community to criticize the Palestinians and pressure them to make peace. They will never ask them to do anything to make peace happen.

Is it because of racism? Is it because of double standards? More likely it's because they know that American Jews won't lash out at them and are too timid to point out that the obstacle to peace is Arab intransigence, and always has. But you can't say that on the Huffington Post, because that isn't what the readership wants to hear. Just look at the comment count for this article, no one is that interested because demanding American Jews criticize Israel is something MJ Rosenberg says every single week. It's boring, and that's why no one is interested.

But asking the Palestinians to make peace? That might get some attention. Rare things usually do.


  1. No it really is about racism. They're antisemites and Nazis. They really are.

  2. Anti-Semites and Nazis, like those that run, moderate, and rule the articles and comment sections of the Huffington Post. One of the biggest Jew hating sites on the web today.
    They learned well from their leader, a rabid anti-semite herself.


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