Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ahmed Shihab-Eldin Endorses Helen Thomas

Given everything we know about Ahmed Shihab-Eldin, Huffington Post editor, it's probably no surprise that he praised Helen Thomas posthumously, specifically because she said Jews should "get out of Palestine" and "go back to Germany or Poland."

Glad he clarified exactly what he was talking about. Good to know that the anti-Israel bias at the Huffington Post is in fact institutional.


  1. A little rant if you would please allow me to indulge.

    As always, a good selection of Huffington Post comments. They show exactly what the Huffington Post has become, along with continuing comments from the likes of "BLAZETHIS", and others like "SARTOR RESARTUS" , "Raibeart Bruis", "blutopie" and "tholonius", and a whole host of others, who are allowed, on a daily basis, to spew their vitriolic comments against Jews and Israel.

    Attention must also be paid to those like "Mediteranian Mom", "EVSW", "MarcEdward", "Taxim", "Annoula" and many others, who are not only allowed to print vitriol, but also false, slanderous, blood libel against Israel and Jews, and to reply to comments based in truth and historical facts, with personal insults, name calling, belittling and condescending nastiness, on a *daily* basis.

    Many remain nameless here, we all know who all the others who are, those who are permitted to continue to post false and ridiculous attacks like "hasbara" "zionistscum" "zionistape" and "paid shill", conspiracy theories, and the stereotypical anti-semitic "Jews run US congress", "media", and even "control US foreign policy".
    "Bloggers", and "editors" like MJ Rosenberg and Ahmed Shihab-Eldin are employed simply to "support the Palestinians" and "their cause", using constant lies, exaggerations, and blood libel against Israel and Jews, and all the while, the Israel supporters are silenced. Those of us who support Israel and her right to exist, her right and obligation to protect her people; those of us who call out people like MJ Rosenberg and Shihab-Eldin, and all the others, fighting back with truth and facts, are systematically silenced, one by one, with being banned from commenting.
    It has become a matter not of "will I be banned" but rather a matter of "when will I be banned".

    One has to have a strong stomach for Huffington Post comments sections, where every day the bias and prejudice show more and more, and become more and more vitriolic, and easier to get "approved by moderation".
    Every day more anti-Israel posters are "awarded" by being made "moderators" and "pundits", and given more freedom to do the verbal dirty work that the *powers that be* at Huffington Post would probably prefer to do themselves, but instead, use these anti-semites as their mouth pieces.
    They are given a title, a stage, and far too much power to lie and spread false propaganda for the agenda and ulterior motives of those who run the Huffington Post.

    I am sick to death of all the BS, all the prejudice, the lies, the attacks, and the bannings, which is IMO, a clear attempt to silence pro-Israel voices.
    I am sickened to know that Huffington Post is considered to be one of the largest and most popular online "news" sites, when they run on an agenda, and employ those who will fulfill that agenda, and take the stage for them, in the name of hate and harm to Israel and anyone who supports her.

    Thanks for the time and space.
    Keep up the good fight.
    You guys rock!

  2. Hamas gave a teary farewell to her today

  3. Justice and dignity? Ahmed needs to be on a different set of med's. It's unpopular comment b/c it's so undignified and unjust never mind reprehensible and ignorant. Palestinian Jew hate or 'Palestinian envy" if I may coin a term is so blinding and deep they aren't even aware of their own racism.


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