Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Amitai Etzioni Calls for One State Solution, HuffPosters Still Whine

Here's a nice example how the Huffington Post works.

Blogger Amitai Etzioni recently wrote an article pitching an idea for an Israel/Palestinian "commonwealth," which is not unlikely the "one state solution" call endorsed by anti-Zionists and BDSers the world over.
"The apparent conflict between Israel's security needs and the Palestinians' aspirations for a "real" state calls for thinking outside the box. Treating the two states as members of one commonwealth, may move the deliberations in a constructive direction. For example, Israelis and Palestinians might carry out joint security patrols of disputed areas....If Germany and France could form the European Union after they fought each other longer than the Israelis and the Palestinians, one cannot argue that a Middle Eastern commonwealth has no prayer, though granted, that is all it got right now -- and Secretary Kerry."
Etzioni says the alternative is a demilitarized Palestinian state, and that is what threw the Huffington Post readership into a fury. For people who suffer as much as the Palestinians, they sure are good at throwing up reasons why they can't end that suffering:

Again, note the refrain of the same talking points and a fanatical demand that Palestinians have guns. The "peaceful" anti-Zionists in action.

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