Thursday, July 11, 2013

Another Jihadist Humanized by HuffPost

We can always rely on the Huffington Post to crank up the humanization levels to maximum anytime something happens to a Palestinian, while simultaneously refusing to do anything that might make Israelis look human too. Check out this latest example:

So once again, we get the name in the headline and a scary picture of a prison. Of course this is really just a non story, Egypt and Israel working together to catch a terrorist. By the way, even the Palestinians involved this time blamed Egypt, but the HuffPosters won't:
"The Sinai Peninsula is a lawless area bordering the Gaza Strip where Islamic militants are active. She said her husband was not connected to any armed groups."My husband does not belong to any faction, neither political nor military. Egypt holds all of the responsibility," she said."
Instead it was open season on Israel in the comments section, just like always.

All Huffington Post approved, naturally.

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