Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Comment of the Day: Exceptions for Propaganda

On Monday's "peace process" update thread, the Huffington Post moderation staff gave us a great illustration of what you're allowed to say on the Huffington Post, as long as your goals are aligned. Check out this post from dedicated Israel hater "Mediterranean Mom":

So what terms of service does this comment blatantly violate?

1. Off topic spam.
2. Foul language (apparently the HP moderators will let you drop F-bombs as long as they are directed against Jews Israelis).
3. Bigotry against "Israelis" (but not Israeli Arabs, I daresay).

Despite the blatantness of the violations of this comment, it got through moderation and remained posted for at least 2 hours after being written. Does anyone think an equivalent comment about Palestinians would get through at all?

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