Wednesday, July 31, 2013

HPM Exclusive: Another Israel Hating Huffington Post Editor

Our sharp eyed readers have spotted a Huffington Post blogger who hates Israel. This is not exactly new, but she is posting under a false identity and that is very informative. Here's the whole story.

We begin with Jade Walker, a Huffington Post blogger who is a "veteran journalist" with "more than 20 years of experience."

Naturally, Ms. Walker was given the privilege to write comments on the Huffington Post, as all editors and bloggers do:

Now here is where the story takes an interesting turn: check out brand new Huffington Post user "Sara Rochelle Levy," a Jewish name if there ever was one. 

That picture looks sort of familiar, doesn't it? Now it is changed, but this was taken on July 30th, just yesterday. Here are the two pictures zoomed in so that you can compare them.

It certainly looks like either "Sara Rochelle Levy" is Jade Walker under an assumed name, or a person who decided to use Walker's picture for some unknown reason. Now, what did "Levy" have to say?

We can't be sure that "Sara Rochelle Levy," classical Israel hater, isn't Jade Walker in a pretty shoddy disguise, but it's worth inquiring about, don't you think? Send her an email and ask about it. Ask the Huffington Post while you're at it.


  1. I hope that the next time anyone is called an "Israeli shill" or "paid poster",
    that they will use this "caught red handed" post as their reply!

  2. Since you posted this info SRL changed here picture - it's mow blank. I did some googling and found quite a bit about Jade Walker. A self-descrived bio is here:

    Jade Walker is not here real name, but for the sake of privacy I won't point you to it. What I was able to find seemed rather apolitical so my guess is whomever is posting as Sara Rochelle Levy grabbed that image for the purposes of hiding behind someone else identity. I think we should give Jade Walker the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.

    1. Seeing as you posted as Anonymous, I have no idea who you are, but it sounds to me like you are someone trying to cover someone's tracks. BIG TIME!

      If you have "gone on google and found that Jade Walker is not her real name", then anyone else could do the same, and it would be no big secret, but that is nonsense.
      Fact is, that "Jade Walker- _(married name left out for privacy) is the name of the person whose photo was used for a short time under an assumed name, and a Jewish name at that. It is also the name of the "overnight HuffPo editor" , and highly doubt that is a "coincidence". "Jade Walker" is her professional name, regardless of anything else.

      We all know what a "pro-Palestinian" approach HuffPo takes, both in their stories, their headlines, their journalists and bloggers, as well as other "editors" .
      Editors like Ahmed Shihab-Elden, who claims that even as an editor for HuffPo, it is his "job to humanize the Palestinians".

      My question at this point is, how many of the pro-Palestinian "posters", are on the payroll of Huffington Post? How many employees of Huffington Post, are posting vitriolic anti-Israel comments, and is that why so many of them seem to rarely if ever have their comments removed, and certainly never get banned.

      It is all making much more sense to me now. THIS is how so many get free reign.

    2. Seeing you replied to my reply as anonymous... oh, well, Zach's latest posting proves I was right about this.

      I've spent many, many hours posting against the Israel haters. It's important to have facts on your side and not stoop to their level. Zach, you jumped the shark on this one buddy.

  3. I just sent an email to Huff Post asking them who this person is. If she is employed by HP then why is she posting this hateful crap under another name?

  4. @Anon,

    "oh, well, Zach's latest posting proves I was right about this."…

    No it doesn't.

    Zach's latest post "proves" nothing. It only proves that another editor denied it.
    (Editor:) "no, she did not. your speculation is wrong"
    Doesn't make it so. Where is the proof? The word of a Huffington Post editor?
    I find it interesting that it was denied, by someone else, not even her, yet the profile was removed.
    Their are comments daily that are far worse than anything "Sara" said, and not only are the profiles not removed, but the comments aren't removed either.

    As for your research not showing anything political, that also means nothing. As a "professional" journalist or editor, most would not want their personal politics known and would go to lengths to hide it, for professional reasons. Unless of course they are in the profession of politics. Most professional people, outside of politics, choose not to share their politics anywhere that work related people might see it. That is the reason for the anonymity and "screen names".

    While there is always the possibility that it was not "Jade", there is just as much possibility that it was. After all, she was in a great "position" to do it, and get away with it. As for "choosing" that photo, where do you think it was "grabbed" from? It's not like it's a well known Avedon portrait, it would have had to be searched for.

    Lastly, the "facts" were what reported. The situation as it played out, with a big question mark and reason for the question mark. Zach didn't 'jump the shark", not in the least.
    He rightfully questioned a situation. Unlike you, who keeps making excuses and defends with no proof of such. None.


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