Thursday, July 25, 2013

HPW: Israel: Revealing Truth

Writer and HP blogger Jen Grisanti wrote an op ed about her trip to Israel for the Huffington Post. It's a fairly straightforward description of her trip: the food she ate, the people she met, the places she went, the work she did while she was there. She's in television, so she wrote a lot about Israeli television shows and studio processes.

However, because she didn't mention "the situation," HPer propagandists immediately started whining about it. Here's some examples:

And when poor Jen tried to apologize: 

The hatred runs straight to the bone on the Huffington Post.

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  1. I'm surprised that "Mediteranian Mom" has not yet been profiled here.
    While certainly, there are more blatantly vile posters, "Mediteranian Mom"
    still constantly and consistently posts slanderous lies and blood libel against Israel. From "her" lying cries of Palestinian children being intentionally murdered on a daily basis by the IDF " for no reason, to the lies of "it's not different from what the Germans were doing during the 1940's", to a post from just today where "she" states, "people are being starved and cut of the human race, these are the facts on the ground that Israel created…" Or this one on July 17, "Israeli army demolished three homes and a number of animal pens….Twenty-two people were made homeless…***On top of kidnapping around 170 kids on their way to school or back, detaining thousands without any charge, etc,etc,etc"

    "Mediteranian Mom" is one the biggest liars posting on HuffPo, and is always approved by moderation.


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