Monday, July 22, 2013

Huffington Posters Stand With Anti-Semitism (Again)

The Huffington Post's favorite punching bag, Abraham Foxman, wrote a blog entry about "Khaiber," an anti-Semitic Arab TV series that you are probably already familiar with if you read "Elder of Ziyon." As always if you want the whole story check out Foxman's article, but here's one quote from an act to explain what the deal is:
"Through the events of the show, we will discover how this category of humans represents one of the ugliest groups that appeared in history. This is not strange; we see it in Palestine today. [The Jews] are a people with no morals and cannot be trusted."
Obviously, the Huffington Posters would never dream of siding with Jews against Muslims. Their defense took the same beats: "freedom of speech," the Jews make Muslims look bad too, and it isn't anti-Semitism. Yes, these all contradict each other but who cares about consistency, the point is they can't take criticism of Arabs lying down:

Huffington Posters defending anti-Semitism isn't particularly shocking, I just haven't seen this much of it in a while.

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