Friday, July 26, 2013

Israel Starts Negotiations, Haters Hate

The Huffington Post recently announced that Israel and the Palestinian Authority under Mahmoud Abbas are going to begin negotiations for peace. Most people would take that as a good thing, but not the readership of the Huffington Post. See, if there is peace then their principle talking points used to brand Israel a unique evil will be taken away from them, so any news of negotiations throws them into a tizzy.

One would think that they would go with the standard propaganda line that Israel doesn't want peace and therefore the negotiations will fail, but apparently they aren't even that creative. Instead they just spewed whatever anti-Israel crap they could find and favorited each others':

Gotta love the classical anti-Semitic "lobby" and "fight Israel's wars" tossed in there. As always, Huffington Post approved.

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