Thursday, July 18, 2013

Jews Play Sports, Haters Hate

Time for yet more proof that Jews cannot do anything without the readership of the Huffington Post spewing hate towards them. The Huffington Post covered a story about the Maccabiah Games, a Jewish institution that has been going on for years in which Jewish athletes from all over the world get together and play some sports. Not a big deal right?

Oh wait, you forgot: it's Jewish people doing it. So the readership of the Huffington Post came charging in to denounce them for daring to have a sporting competition just for Jewish people. Note the presence of many of 'mere anti-Zionists:'

Feel free to contrast these opinions with those of the readership responded to Ahmed Shihab-Eldin's article about "Arab Idol," a singing competition that presumably is not open to Norwegians.

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  1. I recognize some of those posters, Mediterranean Mom and MarcEdwards from the recent article about the Arab Muslim woman who was the valedictorian of the Technion Medical School.

    I wrote some very polite articles responding to the hostile and anti-Israel comments to that article by Mediterranean Mom and MarcEdwards. They were screened out and not posted, yet the lies about Israel were permitted to stay.

    Perhaps they didn't like that challenged whether there was even an occupation---legally, there isn't; whether Gaza was a concentration camp, or whether there were 5 million Palestinians (there aren't.) None of the comments were posted.

    I just tried to post another one (see below). Iet's see if it gets past moderation.

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    Despite posting this nice article, it seems there are some truths that the Huffington Post does not want to hear or see in print. I wrote a well-reasoned and polite disagreement to MarcEdwards disputing whether there even is an occupation. There isn't. there was never any Palestinian sovereignty over the land in the west bank, it was administered by Jordan as part of an armistice. Also, hundreds of thousands of Jews were driven out of the west bank during the 1948 war. The so-called settlements, in many cases, are just the re-established communities in which Jews had lived for many centuries before they were force to leave by Arab armies in 1948.

    Also, I wrote a polite, but well reasoned response to MediterraneanMom, who presented many falsehoods about the situation in the Middle East, including her apparent claim that there are 5 million Palestinians, which there are not, that Gaza is a concentration camp (in fact, there are ongoing shipments of luxury Mercedes cars, into Gaza daily, high end TVs, and of course, all the regular humanitarian items, including staples of daily life, food, medicine, etc. Perhaps the Huffington Post didn't like the fact I posted a link to a very factual article on Glenn Beck's TheBlaze site, showing the high end lifestyle, including hotels, restaurants and upscale shopping centers going up in Gaza. It is anything but a concentration camp. Nice censorship, HuffPo!


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