Tuesday, July 2, 2013

MJ Rosenberg's Questionable Claims

MJ Rosenberg's thoughts get less original as every article goes by. His latest hits all the same high notes: America is controlled by Jews the Israel Lobby, everything is Netanyahu's fault, the Palestinians are blameless. You know, not much to write home about.

Except that this time, he decided to step just a little bit further and make a highly questionable claim (emphasis mine):
"Like Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, with whom I also discussed the issue on multiple occasions, he understands that the obstacle to peace is the Israeli occupation. In fact, I'd say that the views of these three top United States government officials are nearly identical to those of Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas. Like him, they want negotiations with the goal of ending the occupation while guaranteeing the security of both Israelis and Palestinians."
Really. That is highly, highly dubious. It's not that I don't believe Rosenberg (even though I don't) but the fact remains is that that is too much of a claim to take the word of a noted anti-Israel propagandist on. I have yet to see any evidence that (just to pick one) Joe Biden is really concerned about ending the occupation instead of seeing peace between the two sides. Maybe MJ Rosenberg would have us believe that Biden told him so, but only him, behind closed doors where there were no recording devices present. That would be just a little too convenient.

Now if it were just Rosenberg making outlandish claims that would be one thing, but he is also a hypocrite. Check this out  from later in the article:
"Biden has shown the way. Despite his private misgivings, he has famously said, and more than once, that there must be "no daylight, no daylight" between U.S. and Israeli policies...And that means that the United States has forfeited all credibility as a mediator in this conflict. We have chosen sides. We cannot pretend to be an umpire."
Are you following this closely, dear reader? When Joe Biden has views that are almost the same as what Palestinians want, that means he "understands." When Joe Biden has views that are almost the same was what Israelis want, that means the USA has "forfeited all credibility." When President Obama has views that are similar to what Israelis want, that means he "does Netanyahu's bidding." So offense, and extremely hypocritical given that he is clearly motivated by his own selfish desires rather than judging these politicians on their own beliefs and actions.

We have long known that Rosenberg's loyalties lie to politics first, not to people. He could at least pretend to be somewhat consistent though.

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