Tuesday, July 2, 2013

More News the HP Doesn't Cover: Jew Attacked in Belgium for Displaying Mezuzah

There's no reason for the Huffington Post to publish this news, as it violates the narrative of "anti-Semitism is only used by Zionists to crush dissent":

Ruth Sverdloff, a former Israeli tennis champion, and her wife, Cindey Meul, moved into an apartment in Aartselaar, near Antwerp, in the middle of May.

In accordance with the Jewish tradition, they affixed a small mezuzah on the door of their apartment. They then suffered three weeks of anti-Semitic insults and harassment from their neighbors, culminating in Cindey Meul being attacked in the apartment, beaten and left unconscious with a broken nose.
"They were banging on the door; it was like in a movie," Sverdloff recalls. "I was really scared every minute that the door would break.'Go out, open the door quickly, dirty Jew,' they said in Flemish, and then explained to me, 'Jewish are not going to live here.'

"You could hear that it was more than one person. It was two people and then after that it was four people. You could hear the women’s voice, the man’s voice. We were sleeping. We were shocked totally. We weren’t even expecting it."

Meul adds, "I opened the door and he, Kevin, threatened me, saying: 'What the Germans didn’t finish we will do.' He said he was going to punch my face… I didn’t expect it to come of course. She grabbed me here, and gave me one punch, on the nose, and I was totally knocked out."
Terrifying stuff, but who cares, the victims are only Jews.

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