Friday, July 5, 2013

News the HP Doesn't Cover: Egyptian Outpost Attacked by Islamists

Can't imagine any reason the Huffington Post wouldn't publish this news, can you?

"Egypt’s military declared a state of emergency in two parts of the Sinai peninsula Friday, hours after presumed Islamist militants launched an early morning assault on Egyptian security forces near the border with Israel, killing one. 
The country also shuttered its border with the Gaza Strip at Rafah, turning away some 200 Palestinians trying to leave the coastal enclave. 
The states of emergency were delcared in the Suez and southern Sinai areas, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing Egyptian state TV. 
In the early hour of Friday, a rocket attack on a police station in the border city of Rafah left a soldier dead and two others wounded, military sources said."

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