Monday, July 29, 2013

News the HP Doesn't Cover: Gulf States Blacklist All of Hezbollah

Interesting news out of the Middle East today: the Gulf States (Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, etc.) have decided to place restrictions on all of Hezbollah, making no distinction between the military and political wings. That is a tougher stance than the great European Union took. 
"Six days after the European Union placed Hezbollah’s military wing on its list of terror organizations while leaving cooperation with the party’s political branch unaffected, a union of six Arab Gulf states has begun officially blacklisting all of Hezbollah.
The Gulf Cooperation Council, a political and economic umbrella organization encompassing Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait, has begun implementing a decision adopted by its foreign ministers on June 2 to place financial and security restrictions on Hezbollah, “making no distinction whatsoever between its military and political arms,” the Saudi daily Al-Watan reported on Sunday.“It is more extensive than the EU decision to include Hezbollah’s military wing in the terror list,” the article reported.
The Gulf measures against Hezbollah began in early July through the restriction of all financial transactions emanating from Hezbollah bank accounts in the Gulf. The main reason cited for singling out Hezbollah was its military support of Bashar Assad in Syria. The Arab League, based in Cairo, on June 5 strongly condemned Hezbollah’s intervention in Syria, but fell short of dubbing it a “terror organization.”On July 6, the Saudi daily Okaz reported that the kingdom’s banks were prepared to cooperate “fully and transparently” with Saudi Arabia’s security apparatus in monitoring Hezbollah’s bank transactions, “after the party’s support for terrorist attacks has been proven.”"

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