Tuesday, July 23, 2013

News the HP Doesn't Cover: Israeli Fashion Hits West Bank

Israeli clothing store FOX is set to open in Ramallah. But not everyone is happy about it:

"Israeli-based fashion giant Fox is apparently set to open a branch in the West Bank city of Ramallah.
The clothing chain recently put up advertisements at a Ramallah mall announcing that its new shop, which will sell clothes for women, men and children, is to open in the city’s commercial center, Ynet news reported Monday.The Ramallah branch would be Fox’s first in a Palestinian city.
Although initial responses to the opening of the store among local Palestinians were mainly positive, some Palestinian activists have voiced extreme disdain for the act, accusing store owners, as well as Palestinian Authority leaders, of attempting to “normalize” the situation in the West Bank.
“The Fatah movement continues to disregard the suffering of the West Bank residents,” one enraged activist charged via social media. “It is doing everything it can in order to gain the Israeli trust and is trying to cooperate with them on the highest level, even though they are the Palestinian people’s enemy,” he concluded.
Other activists threatened to boycott the chain and said they would appeal to Palestinian courts in order to thwart the shop’s opening.
Fox Corporation currently manages 135 stores in Israel as well as another 245 in countries across the world, including Singapore, Mongolia, Russia and Thailand."
Doesn't your heart go out to the poor suffering Palestinians when you read an article like this?

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