Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Return to the Ryan Braun Thread

In an extremely classy display, the Huffington Post posted some anti-Semitic tweets directed at Jewish baseball player Ryan Braun, which we commented on earlier this week. Since then the thread has expanded with more of the readership arriving to provide their two cents. The majority comments, by far, were about what a weird decision the Huffington Post made to publish anti-Semitic bigotry rather than just report about it. Of course this comes as no surprise to us, and I thought I would share the next round of cheering comments:

(You may remember Ronald B. Robinson from his Nazi-baiting a few weeks ago.)

As always, Huffington Post approved.

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  1. Yeah, HP kind of made itself look asinine (not a long leap) by giving free PR to anti-Semitic assholes. One of the very-weak-chuckle ironies of the PED scandals in sports is how multicultural they've been. In baseball alone, there have been white, black, Latino and Asian players busted for cheating. Though I'm quite sure a lot of HP untreated tumors are going to define the PED scandal via Ryan Braun's ethnicity, because that's how they roll.


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