Friday, July 19, 2013

Star of David Debate Spawns Holocaust Baiting

The Huffington Post, as Matt and I have said on many occasions (including today), loves to publish anything related to the Holocaust, the Nazi-er the better. This latest example is of a case involving the Ohio Statehouse. People are planning to build a Holocaust memorial there, something sure to raise the Huffington Post readership's ire. One little problem: the memorial contains a Star of David and some secularists are saying that because it is a religious symbol it should not be placed at a statehouse because of separation of church and state. Others say that is a symbol of the Jewish people, not a religious one. For the record, it is a secular symbol because it first appeared on King David's shield, but most people wouldn't know that.

As for the comments they contained mostly reasonable positions, that a Star of David is not religious and it would be okay to have it at a statehouse; or that it is is religious and shouldn't be there. However, because this is the Huffington Post the trolls were given much love:

Very classy.

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