Monday, July 1, 2013

Today's Incitement: Guard Kills Israeli at Western Wall

The Huffington Post and Reuters did an amazing job spinning a tragic event that occurred in Israel last week in their article published 6/21. Here's the headline:

Fairly objective, but leaving out key facts. Here's the text of the article (it's short):
"JERUSALEM, June 21 (Reuters) - A security guard shot and killed an Israeli man on Friday at one of Judaism's holiest sites in Jerusalem, the Western Wall, which was immediately shut to visitors, police said.
The guard opened fire after the man, in an adjacent restroom, was heard shouting "Allahu Akbar," Arabic for "God is greatest", police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said.
Rosenfeld said the guard opened fire with his pistol because he suspected the man was a Palestinian militant. "The fact he shouted Allahu Akbar, that seems to be why the security guard drew his weapon and fired a number of shots at him," he said."
According to the Reuters article, the guard gunned down an "Israeli" man after he heard him shout "Allahu Akbar." That certainly matches the profile of the Huffington Post narrative of Israeli (Jews) all being murderers and ready to kill at an instant.

But what does Ha'aretz (hardly a right wing source) say about the same incident?

First, it bothers mentioning the man killed in the shooting was Jewish, a little fact the HP article and headline conveniently left out. 

Second, it states that the police report recorded that "Ben-Shloosh [the man killed, his name of course did not make it into the HP article] stormed the security guards while screaming "Allahu Akbar" next to the public bathrooms in the Western Wall Plaza." "Storming" the guards is quite a different situation than simply yelling "Allahu Akbar", but why do you expect Reuters and the Huffington Post to report that? Does it seem somewhat important to the story?

The HP article generated over 2,000 comments, naturally, with all the hate for Israel and racism you would expect, as well as some attacks on the Western Wall itself. There was also a lot of belief that the man was killed for saying "Allahu Akbar" while standing around minding his own business, an understandable mistake based on the criminally misleading article.  Here's some of the (anti-Israel) top comments:

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