Sunday, August 25, 2013

Abbas Makes First Peaceful Statement, HuffPosters Rage

Mahmoud Abbas made a statement on Friday that if a peace treaty is signed it must mean the conflict is over. To most people that is a statement of the obvious, so this is yet more proof that Palestinians are held to a lower standard. Anyway, the Huffington Post readership was quick to just begin irrationally hating on Israel and declaring that they don't want peace, not to mention some racism and anti-Semitism tossed in their just for funsies:

All, as always, Huffington Post approved.

1 comment:

  1. On a very serious note, would anyone care to take a stab at exactly why it is that "Mediteranian Mom" is allowed to get away with the constant lies,
    exaggerations, slander and propaganda blood libel against Israel and Jews?

    I believe that I have only witnessed one time that one of her comments was removed, while replies to her are constantly removed or simply not printed.

    Something is not kosher.

    Any thoughts?


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