Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ahmed Shihab-Eldin Reports Homicidal Palestinian, Has Little To Say

I wonder if an order came down from on high to try to balance his reporting, because lately Israel hating Huffington Post Live editor Ahmed Shihab-Eldin has reported not only on Israel treating civilians from Syria, but now did a brief segment on a Palestinian "activists" murderous demand that all Jews must leave Israel or be shot to death. Check it out for yourself, it's only one and a half minutes long:

Although you can practically hear Ahmed's tongue catch as he tries to report this story without actually criticizing anything that the guy says (heaven forbid). But even so, notice the biased reporting:

1. Palestinians on Al-Quds Day are opposed to "Zionism," and "Israel's control over Jerusalem," and are just concerned about marching "on behalf of the Palestinian people." I don't know whether Eldin thinks that no one would figure out that by "Zionism" they mean "Israel's existence," but that's what Al-Quds Day is. A day for Arabs and Muslims to walk around and declare how much they want Israel to be gone. That's fairly obvious so I see no reason to provide links, just take a look around the Internet if you don't believe me. I wonder why he couldn't just come out and say that, but I think we all know why. Once again we see that "pro-Palestinian" and "anti-Israel" are one and the same thing. I don't know if that was Eldin's intention but it sure came off that way.

2. When Hazine called for the murder or expulsion of all Israelis, he didn't "go too far!" No way, that's editorializing! Critics say he "went too far." There's a big difference. One involves Eldin actually taking a stand against his fellow Palestinians when they call for the murder of innocent people, the other doesn't.

3. The activists are "anti-occupation." Not anti-Israel, even though he just said they are opposed to "Zionism." Though I have a feeling if you were to ask them they would say that Tel Aviv and Haifa are "occupied Palestinian territory" as well. Just some further white washing of anti-Zionists from a guy who definitely has an agenda.

4. Palestinians are given the most lenient coverage possible (notice the 'express themselves' defense, meaning that the people at the march had no problem with Hazine's comments either) while its critics are marginalized. Here's what Ahmed Shihab-Eldin could have reported about the story if he didn't wear his biases on his sleeve:
"Palestinians claim they have a right to express themselves, but this endorsement of violence against innocent people is a troubling sign of growing radicalization among those groups who claim to merely support Palestinian rights. Palestinian solidarity movements must decide whether their goal is peace between Palestinians and Israelis or a Palestinian victory over Israel."
Of course I am not a professional reporter, but I think this clip speaks for itself. Eldin literally has nothing to say about the prospect of Arabs killing or expelling every Jew in Israel from their homes, and as a Palestinian he should know how traumatic being expelled is. I am highly doubtful that if an Israeli politician said something about the Palestinians even half as offensive, that Eldin would keep his professional veneer up for the time it takes to report the story. Still all things being equal it could have been worse. At least he covered the story in the first place.

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