Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Alleged Gas Attack in Syria, HPers Skeptical

The Huffington Post covered the news that activists in Syria have accused the Assad regime of using chemical weapons. Obviously, this isn't possible, because we all know how much Assad respects human life and international law. Anyway, the Huffington Post readership demanded a high burden of proof and blamed you-know-who for everything. Take a look.

There's only one country the HPers will condemn on little to no evidence, and it's not Syria.



    The days of anonymous commenting on The Huffington Post are numbered. Founder Arianna Huffington said in a question-and-answer session with reporters in Boston Wednesday that the online news site plans to require users to comment on stories under their real names, beginning next month.

    “Freedom of expression is given to people who stand up for what they’re saying and not hiding behind anonymity,” she said.

    Huffington was in the Hub to deliver a keynote address at the Inbound marketing conference, where she focused on work-life balance for business leaders.

    But while talking to reporters after her speech about the need for businesses to evolve, she spilled the beans early on the commenting announcement, which apparently had been planned for a future date.

    “We’ve just made a decision — we’re going to announce it soon, but here you are,” Huffington said. “I’m announcing it now. We’re going to end anonymity in comments.”

    She noted that HuffPo already has an advanced comment screening algorithm and 40 human monitors. And the site does not want to risk losing its robust culture of reader dialogue. More than 260 million comments have been posted since Huffington Post was launched in 2005.

    “Nevertheless, I think trolls have become more and more aggressive and uglier,” Huffington explained.

    I think it will be great when HP loons are threatened with death in response to their hate speech because as we all know - HP won't suddenly refrain from Jew hate, they're simply going to end all moderation and run for cover under this real name nonsense.

    It's going to be awesome.

  2. Very interesting, thanks for the heads up. We might be able to retire soon!

  3. I can't imagine that the number of commenters would remain anywhere near the same if this is in fact implemented. I also wonder, exactly how they will know if a "real name" is in fact real or not. Will they demand that proof of identity be shown in order to have a "real" screen name?

    I personally, would no longer participate should this be the case. Not because I am not willing to stand up for my beliefs, but because there are too many keyboard jihadists that threaten harm to people, that the HP's "advanced algorithm and 40 human monitors" never seem to catch or stop. There are too many haters and sickos that post horrific anti-Jewish rhetoric, and don't care to be made to feel like I might have to "look over my shoulder" or start screening all my phone calls, or just in general, "watch my back". Jewish people are being killed for simply being Jewish, and this plan for outting "everyone" seems anything but to me…..especially considering the clear bias and agenda of the HP, and their rabid anti-semite leader herself.

    I'm curious how others feel about this….


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